years of postponement

To be honest I am still not completely sure this is a good idea. is my baby, and for the most part over the last several years I have been pretty damned open about my own failings on it.  However there are bits and pieces left over in the cracks, that I never really talk about.  Things that I don’t necessarily want to talk about in public, but still maybe want to get off of my chest.  I mean I realize that creating a public blog is the exact opposite of “not public”, but having things cloistered off in a separate bucket somehow feels more intimate.

Basically the idea of this blog is that folks know “Bel” but not that many people get to see “Ghast” the bit that is left over.  Bel is the part of me that pretends to have my shit together, and Ghast is the anxiety riddled residue that remains.  With Blaugust being a thing once again, I thought maybe it was time to get this project that I had considered for years off of the ground.  Since I am planning on this being a very minimalist experience, I am going with free hosted rather than one of my self hosted experiences.  I am not going to advertise this one very much, but it will be there when I decide to write about something.


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